Personal Projects

My boyfriend and I had been thinking for a while about adopting a dog. In November of 2015, we decided to drop by Pet Smart and see if any of the pups fit our criteria. I am definitely a cat person, so I wanted a more passive dog. Philip felt the same.

We saw a small, beige pup laying in the back corner of a pen. He was shy, timid, and quiet, but had the sweetest eyes. That day, he came home with us forever. Here he is; an energetic little loaf of love with a soft heart and a love for veggies. Pierre.


After bringing him home and falling in love, I wanted to do my part in making sure more pups like him find forever homes. The Phoenix, AZ rescue that saved Pierre from the county shelter, Home Fur Good, was the perfect place for me to volunteer my time. Every month or so, I head to the shelter to photograph new animals for their website and social media platforms. Adopt, don’t shop. ❤

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