Stephanie – She is Beauty Revived

Last month, I had the opportunity to photograph a deserving woman who portrays beauty in ways other than just physicality through a movement called Beauty Revived. This movement’s mission is “to uplift, inspire and empower photographers of faith and integrity to shed light on the good, the strong and the beautiful.”  Without hesitation, I immediately thought of my friend, my leader, and one of my role models, Stephanie.

Stephanie embodies the purpose of Beauty Revived. Ever since I met her two years ago, she has shown me what a truly beautiful person is. She dedicates her time to helping others as the president of her organization. Her unyielding attitude towards life has pushed her through the hardest of times. She is the definition of good. 

Read Stephanie’s full story here: Meet Stephanie – She is Beauty Revived with Delaney Rose Photography

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